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Florida roller coaster accident under investigation

According to news reports, on June 14, a roller coaster at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk in Florida derailed. The accident caused two people to plunge to the ground while others were left dangling from the derailed cars.

The Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services states that it has opened an investigation into the accident and will hold all of those who are at fault accountable for the accident. The agency reports that the ride was purchased in 2013 from a closed amusement park and was 40 years old.

According to reports, the ride failed two inspections in May but underwent repairs of the problems that had been found. It passed its inspection on the morning of June 14 before the accident. Following the accident, the roller coaster underwent another inspection and failed it. After the accident, firefighters rushed to the scene to get the two people who were dangling from the derailed car to safety. Immediately after the accident, police reported that six people had been taken to the hospital. On June 15, the hospital reported that nine people had been sent to the hospital for treatment.

When people are injured while they are on the property of others because of a dangerous property condition, they may be able to hold the property owners liable for their injuries so that they might recover damages for their losses. Individuals who are injured may benefit by talking to personal injury lawyers who are experienced in handling premises liability claims. Attorneys may understand how to investigate these types of cases and make certain that all of the evidence is preserved. They may be able to help their clients recover compensation in fair amounts.

Source: CNN, “Florida agency probing roller coaster derailment in Daytona Beach,” Jamiel Lynch, June 16, 2018

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