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Ocala Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Premises Liability > Woman sues Wayne Newton over alleged pet monkey attack

Woman sues Wayne Newton over alleged pet monkey attack

Residents of Florida may be interested to learn that a woman has filed a premises liability suit against Wayne Newton for $15,000 in damages. During a tour of the Las Vegas entertainer’s former estate back in October 2017, a woman was allegedly bitten by a monkey that he kept as a pet. On August 7, that woman’s mother filed a lawsuit with the Nevada State Court accusing Newton of negligence.

The estate where this took place is named the Casa de Shenandoah. In 2010, the Newtons sold this mansion to investors and had it transformed into a museum where tourists can be guided through its various attractions, including a garden, a stable with the entertainer’s horses and several exotic animals. The mother and daughter went on one of these tours, during which the monkey allegedly attacked without provocation. Reports say the victim was aged 15 at the time. The extent of her injuries has not been outlined.

Wayne Newton’s wife has responded with a statement to the media. In it, she explains that the Newtons cut off all business ties with the company running the tours and museum back in July 2017. As a result, she says, the Newtons did not know about any attack since it occurred three months after this development.

This lawsuit can be described as a premises liability claim because it involves an injury on someone else’s property and an accusation of some form of negligence on the owner’s part. It should be noted that the company running the tours and museum is also listed as a defendant in this lawsuit. Though the case sounds unusual, it is not much different from, say, someone being bitten by another person’s dog. Those with similar grounds for a premises liability claim may want to consult with a lawyer.

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