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Ocala ER Error Lawyer

When Emergency Care Lets You Down

The emergency room can be an extremely fast-paced and stressful environment for all healthcare providers. This can be a recipe for disaster that results in life-threatening mistakes.

Even in this fast-paced environment, however, there are clear do’s and don’ts. Doctors must order the right tests, must make the right diagnosis, must prescribe the right medications. Most of these decisions involve a reasonable level of risk.

Sometimes, however, a wrong decision is made, and the patient is permanently injured or dies. These are the situations in which a malpractice suit is justified.

If you or a loved one has suffered harm because a Florida emergency care provider failed to respond properly, call Musleh Law Firm at 352-732-0600. In a free consultation, we can evaluate your case and explain how we can help you.

Compensation For Emergency Room Errors

At Musleh Law Firm in Ocala, we file clams when obvious and preventable errors occur, and cause serious harm. Serious errors can occur in one of these ways:

  • Errors in diagnosis — misjudging symptoms, delayed diagnosis and incorrect diagnosis
  • Delayed treatment
  • Triage errors — a patient requiring immediate attention is told to wait
  • Failure to obtain a proper medical history
  • Overlooking critical information in medical records
  • Ordering tests that cause unnecessary harm
  • Misreading or misinterpreting test findings
  • Drug and treatment errors

Not every bad outcome constitutes medical malpractice, of course. If you are in doubt, talk to our lawyers by calling 352-732-0600.

If we believe that your case is actionable, we will undertake a comprehensive legal effort designed to obtain the answers and compensation you deserve — and hold the negligent parties responsible for their actions.

Free Consultation — Contact Our Firm

To discuss your case with an experienced Ocala medical negligence lawyer, contact Musleh Law Firm.

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