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How hospitalists reduce risk of obstetrician malpractice

In Florida, as elsewhere in the U.S., obstetricians find themselves faced with various pressures. They are often the target of lawsuits as patients can quickly put the blame on them when their expectations of a normal birth and a healthy baby are not met. One of the most common claims in these malpractice suits is that an obstetrician's delay during the delivery process caused the injury or condition in question.

The issue is that obstetricians are often overworked and suffer burnout. Even if a lawsuit is dropped, simply facing one is a stressful experience in itself. This is why having a hospitalist available 24/7 is considered beneficial. A study from RNnetwork stated last year that nationwide, nearly half of all responding nurses were thinking about leaving their profession, mainly due to overwork.

Medical malpractice isn't always a slam dunk

When people talk about medical malpractice cases, it is easy to feel sympathy for the victim and to immediately assume that the medical professional or medical institution on the other side of the equation is at fault. And in many cases, this is true. But it is also important to recognize that not every medical malpractice case will lead to justice. There are ways for medical professionals and institutions to defend themselves, and we want to cover those possibilities in today's post.

First of all, medical malpractice is a form of standard negligence. That means all defenses related to standard negligence apply. If the doctor argues his or her actions were in line with the medical standard and those arguments are valid, your case may not be too strong, regardless of the heartbreaking circumstances.

Protecting yourself after an accident that wasn't your fault

When you drive the same roads to the same places long enough, the trips you make to and from work, or to run errands, become automatic. You have no reason to believe that the next trip will become drastically different from the last. After all, you traveled the same routes numerous times without incident.

Then, your world shattered when another vehicle slammed into yours. By the time you realized what was happening, your vehicle finally stopped moving. As your mind began to process what happened, you also became keenly aware of pain. You knew you suffered injuries, but weren't yet sure just how badly until hours or days later. Now, you don't know when you will be able to return to work and the medical bills grow by the day.

You may recover much more than workers' compensation benefits

Regardless of the industry in which you earn your living, your employer has likely told you that the only way to recover financial losses after a workplace injury is through the Florida workers' compensation insurance system. Authorities call this the exclusive remedy rule, meaning that your boss will carry insurance to cover the medical expenses and lost income resulting from an on-the-job injury -- regardless of who was at fault.

FHP releases 2017 hit-and-run statistics

The Florida Highway Patrol recently released hit-and-run statistics for last year, and the news isn't great for Florida drivers. In 2017, there were more than 98,000 hit and run crashes in the state. The FHP Patrol worked about 24,000 of them, according to News Channel 7.

Hit and run collisions account for a whopping 25 percent of car accidents in Florida. That means when you're hit by another driver, there's a one-in-four chance that they will flee before you can exchange insurance information. It's important that motorists are prepared in the event of such a collision. 

The State Of PIP Insurance In Florida

Nearly 50 years ago, Florida's Personal Injury Protection (PIP) system was born. Hyped as a way to sidestep lawsuits in minor accidents, PIP's primary objective was to reduce the overall number of motor vehicle accident claims filed.

Yet, over the previous year, the Sunshine State broke records with more than 60,000 cases filed, representing an increase of almost 50 percent in one year.

Florida laws related to distracted driving could change soon

In Florida, distracted driving is a serious issue. It is a threat to the well-being of every person on the road, and statistics indicate that it is an issue that is not going away any time soon. Despite the fact that most people are well aware of the fact that distracted driving is dangerous, there are a startlingly high number of accidents caused by some form of distraction.

In order to combat this problem and potentially decrease the number of drivers who participate in this dangerous behavior while behind the wheel, lawmakers are considering stricter laws against distracted driving. Soon, there could be harsher penalties for drivers caught texting and doing other dangerous things while operating a motor vehicle.

Telecommuters: You're still entitled to workers' compensation

You've always loved your job because your boss was on-board with the idea of telecommuting -- and there's nothing you can do in the office that you can't do at home. However, now you're injured and your boss says that since the injury occurred at home, you aren't eligible for workers' compensation.

Are you just out of luck?

10 technological hazards that put patients in danger

Technology has drastically changed and improved the medical industry. However, there are still risks with adopting or using new technology in a medical environment that people sometimes fail to recognize.

Sadly, patients are the ones who end up paying the price when a technological solution fails or is incorrectly implemented. As such, it is important to understand the risks of health technology, especially the most common types of hazards.

Florida lawmakers seek to protect injured immigrant workers

Florida lawmakers are taking steps to insure that immigrant employees are fairly compensated for their workplace injuries.

The actions come on the wake of an investigation that uncovered some unsavory tactics a few businesses are using. Those businesses are manipulating the law to deprive injured workers of their rights.

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