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Is Your Neighbor’s Home Safe?


While we may worry about car accidents and mishaps while out and about, most people generally feel safe in their own homes and in the homes of friends and neighbors.  But the truth is, household dangers lurk in many homes across the country, putting you and your loved ones at risk.

Fatal Accidents 

Believe it or not, safety problems in homes are responsible for three times the number of fatalities as motor vehicle accidents in the United States.  Every three seconds, in fact, someone dies as a result of a home injury.  And for every person who dies, another 13 are hospitalized for injuries related to home injuries.  What are the primary issues that threaten safety?  The top issues in American homes include:

  • Falls: 20 percent of older Americans who experience a fall wind up with bone breaks and/or head injuries. Homeowners can often prevent these kinds of accidents by cleaning spills, securing throw rugs, and removing toys and other obstacles from stairs and walkways.  Making sure handrails are firmly attached and keeping walkways clear of snow and ice outdoors is critical.
  • Burns: Adults and children suffer burns in the kitchen more often than many people realize.  Steam from a boiling pot of water, or even from the dishwasher, can lead to painful burns. Cookware handles that are within reach of curious children can result in hot spills that have long-term impacts. Using back burners, turning handles away, and closely supervising little ones can all prevent this kind of accident.
  • Home fires: 2015 saw over 365,000 home fires across the country, resulting in property damage, injuries, and loss of life.  Minimizing the risk of such events requires simple steps that everyone can, and should address.  Residents should be certain that working smoke detectors are installed throughout the home.  Having a fire extinguisher in the kitchen and garage is also a good idea.  Residents should also be careful not to overload electrical circuits. Finally, ensuring that safety is a priority in cooking routines and relating to candle use is important.
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Every home should have a CO detector installed on each level. It’s also a good idea to service the water heater, gas appliances, and HVAC system on a regular basis.
  • Poisoning: Over two million poisoning incidents occur across the country annually.  These involve everything from prescription medications to paints and cleaning products and more.  Residents must be diligent about locking up dangerous substances and keeping them out of reach of teens and toddlers.
  • Drowning: Tragically, drowning deaths occur in backyard pools and bathtubs alike.  It is absolutely essential that little ones are supervised at all times when more than an inch or two of standing water is present.

Common Sense Pays Off 

While it’s true that sometimes accidents just happen, all too often a little common sense could have prevented a tragedy.  In the event you or a loved one suffers a serious accident due to another’s negligence, the experienced legal team at the Musleh Law Firm can help.  Contact our Ocala premises liability lawyers to discuss your situation.




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