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Ocala Third-Party Claims Lawyer

Additional Recovery Through Third-Party Lawsuits

One of the frustrations of workers’ comp in Florida is that it limits the claims injured workers can make. You have to go through the workers’ compensation system — you are generally NOT free to sue your employer.

There is one important exception available to workers who are injured on the job. Workers are permitted to sue a negligent third party when the party caused or contributed to the accident. This may include defective products, motor vehicle accidents, dangerous premises, and subcontractors who are grossly negligent.

Example: A delivery truck driver may freely sue the owner of a dangerous condition encountered when delivering a package. Likewise, a worker may have a direct claim against the manufacturer of a defective piece of machinery which causes injury.

Get All Of The Compensation You Deserve

Why is the third-party lawsuit option important? Because it allows injured workers to obtain every dollar of rightful compensation. Workers’ compensation imposes payout ceilings, sharply limiting your total recovery. But combine your workers’ comp benefits with a third-party lawsuit against the other party responsible for your injury, and your total compensation can increase significantly.

Musleh Law Firm obtained $415,000 for a construction worker who fell and suffered a lumbar vertebral fracture requiring surgery. Due to the fact that the fall did not occur on his employer’s premises, we were able to secure a negligence settlement against the premises owner for the amount of $340,000 along with resolution of the workers’ compensation claim for the sum of $75,000.

On-The-Job Motor Vehicle Accidents

By far the most common third-party claim we handle for injured workers involves motor vehicle accidents. Many jobs require workers to use their personal cars. In the event you are injured in a motor vehicle accident while working, we can be of great assistance. Because we handle both personal injury and workers’ compensation cases, we recognize the interplay between them. We understand the legal strategies that can enable you to maximize your recovery from a third-party claim. Victor J. Musleh, Jr., has lectured attorneys statewide through the Academy of Florida trial Lawyers on how to optimize the benefits to victims of third-party negligence who are also entitled to workers’ compensation benefits.

Maximum Compensation For Your Third-Party Work Injury

Many times injured workers are unaware of the third-party option. Don’t assume this avenue is closed to you. Talk to our lawyers — we can identify if this opportunity is available in your individual case.

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