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Premises liability coverage for airport owners

There are various types of liability insurance: general, public, premises, and owner, landlord and tenant liability. Whatever they go with, airport owners and operators in Florida, not to mention those who lease portions of an airport out, must make sure they carry this coverage. The differences are slight, and the additional coverage may not cost much, assuming one does not take out a separate policy, but a given agreement may come with a number of confusing terms.

Airport owners may want to seek out an aviation insurance broker, who can then request quotes from all the aviation underwriting companies and review any agreements for terms that might be unfair to one or the other party should a premises liability claim arise. For instance, a hold harmless clause allows both parties to agree not to hold each other liable for injuries or property damage. A breach of warranty clause can protect owners in the event that someone complains about service not meeting a certain standard.

Airports can be dangerous places with people injuring themselves because of wet floors, torn carpeting, extension cords, debris, loose railings or malfunctioning elevators, escalators and moving walkways. With the right coverage, owners may be able to keep an incident from giving rise to a lawsuit.

Those who intend to file a premises liability claim may want to consult with a lawyer first. The lawyer might hire investigators to determine just how the property owner or lessor failed to provide a safe environment. These third parties may also need to clear the victim of any accusations of unsafe conduct. For example, someone who runs in an airport may have a hard time being reimbursed after slipping or tripping. Victims may leave all negotiations to their lawyer, preparing for litigation as a last resort.

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