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Warning signs of a drunk driver

When Florida motorists get behind the wheel, they may have good reason to be concerned about the dangers posed by drunk drivers. Driving under the influence is linked to thousands of car crashes each year and a high number of fatalities. Therefore, people can benefit from tricks and strategies that can help them drive defensively and avoid an incident in case they encounter a drunk driver.

One way that drivers can protect themselves is by being aware of the signs that another driver is drunk.

Some indications of a drunk driver can include driving down the center of the road, weaving in and out of a lane, swerving or turning suddenly or driving too slowly. In some cases, drunk drivers drift or move in an angle, react slowly or not at all to changing traffic signals, use the wrong signals or even drive on the wrong side of the road. Some people may even be able to see a driver taking drinks while behind the wheel.

When people encounter these kinds of dangerous drivers, it is best to stay far away. While other drivers should be prepared to evade such a vehicle if necessary, it may be a better idea to pull over and allow the car to pass. In addition, others can help prevent a serious car accident by calling the police. People can describe the car and give license plate information without attempting to stop the other vehicle themselves.

Many other types of negligent and dangerous driving contribute to serious personal injuries and lifelong disabilities. People hurt in a crash due to caused by another motorist might want to meet with an attorney and discuss the best method to seek compensation for their losses.

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