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Recovering After A Side-Impact Collision


If you asked people to envision the worst car accident that they could imagine, many would immediately flash to visions of a T-bone accident. T-bone accidents, known formally as side-impact collisions, happen when one vehicle runs into the side of another vehicle, creating the appearance of a T. When the vehicle that collides head-on is a truck, SUV, or larger vehicle than the one struck, the results can be even more catastrophic. It should come as no surprise then that 23% of all vehicle fatalities occur as a result of side-collision accidents. It should also come as no surprise that nearly all of these accidents are avoidable, and result due to reckless or negligent driving, such as ignoring traffic signs or red lights.

Common Side-Impact Collision Injuries

An unfortunate reality of side-impact collisions is that you are lucky to survive them at all. The odds are stacked against those struck in a T-bone accident. Whereas in a front-end collision, the engine and airbags provide a buffer against oncoming vehicles, drivers and occupants have nearly no protection from the sides, making them incredibly vulnerable to impact. Common injuries include trauma to the neck, spine, skull, and brain, as well as broken and fractured bones, lacerations, contusions, and organ damage. If you have seen a car in the aftermath of a collision like this, you will recall that in many cases the side of the vehicle is entirely caved in. If there was a passenger sitting on that side of the vehicle, they absorbed the brunt of that force as well as the impact. The traumatic brain injuries that can result often require extensive medical treatment, surgeries, rehabilitation, and physical therapy that may even extend beyond the time that a claim is settled. This can cost families millions of dollars. For many, the best way to recover financially and to be able to afford the ongoing care that they require, and to recover compensation for pain and suffering, is to bring a personal injury lawsuit.

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If you have suffered serious injuries or lost a loved one as the result of a vehicle collision, the experienced Ocala car accident attorneys at the Musleh Law Firm are ready to fight to get you the compensation you need to recover and get your life back on track. Contact the Musleh Law Firm today to schedule a consultation.



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