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Ocala Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Car Accidents > Two Florida cities have some of nation’s safest roadways

Two Florida cities have some of nation’s safest roadways

Car accidents can lead to serious damage for people in Florida and across the country. There are a number of factors that can contribute to the crash rate, from weather conditions to road circumstances to dangerous or negligent driving. This is one reason why so many people and companies are enthralled by the potential of autonomous driving as a solution to the dangers of car crashes. However, despite the future possibilities, those technologies are still under development and crashes remain prolific. In 2017 alone, 6,452,000 drivers across the country experienced some time of collision.

Despite the risk of serious crashes, several Florida cities were acknowledged for their safety by the 2019 America’s Safe Drivers Report, produced by Allstate Insurance. The report aims to rank the safety of the 200 largest metropolitan areas in the country based on the rate of car accidents in each city. The report is timed to release with the Independence Day holiday, documented to be the most dangerous holiday on American roads. Cape Coral was the 10th-safest city in the country, with residents going approximately 12.24 years between car crashes. Port St. Lucie came in at number 14, with residents going 11.84 years between collisions. These Florida municipalities were joined by others in Texas, Colorado, Arizona and elsewhere for relatively safe roadways.

On the contrary, California was the leading state, with six of the 15 most dangerous metropolitan areas in the country. The list of the most dangerous areas was studded with major cities in the Northeast like Boston, Philadelphia, Providence and Washington, D.C., many of which have older, narrower streets.

Of course, people can experience severe car accidents wherever they live and suffer catastrophic injuries as a result. People who have been injured in a car accident might opt to work with a personal injury lawyer to pursue compensation for their damages.

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