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Ocala Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Car Accidents > Incomplete data could put women at risk of injury

Incomplete data could put women at risk of injury

Female dummies used to collect crash test data are five feet tall and are 110 pounds. While this may represent the height and weight of an average woman, it doesn’t necessarily represent every woman’s body type. This is one reason why females are more likely to be hurt in crashes that occur on Florida highways and others throughout the nation. One study found that they are 73% more likely than a man to experience a serious injury or die in a crash.

Men and women have many differences in how their bodies are constructed. For instance, there are differences in the shape of the pelvis and where fat is distributed inside the body. There may also be differences in how men and women sit when they occupy a vehicle. This may cause a seatbelt to react differently when worn by a man compared to when it is worn by a woman.

A car collision could cause an individual to experience a variety of injuries regardless of gender. Furthermore, a victim may be entitled to compensation regardless of gender if it can be shown that someone else was negligent in causing his or her injuries. Negligence may include disobeying a stop sign, driving too fast for road conditions or driving while tired or under the influence of alcohol.

If a seatbelt or other safety component malfunctions before or during a crash, the company that designed or installed that component may be liable for damages. An attorney may be able to review evidence in a case to determine which parties could be named as defendants in a lawsuit. It might also be possible to resolve a case without going to court. This may help a person obtain compensation for medical bills and other costs in less time.

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