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Be prepared to handle a car accident

Considering the number of vehicles on Florida roadways and throughout the country, car accidents are bound to happen. While most auto accidents are considered minor in nature, the average driver will be involved in at least one accident over their lifetime. That’s why it’s imperative to know what to do and what not to do if involved in a vehicle crash.

It’s difficult to predict exactly how one will react in a traumatic incident. However, it’s important to stay calm after an accident. The first order of business is to ensure the safety of all involved. If serious injuries have been sustained, emergency medical assistance should be contacted immediately. If vehicles are on or near the lanes of traffic, they should be moved to safety. Another option is to set up flares or another emergency alert system.

When safety is assured, a driver can protect their interests by documenting exactly what happened. Photos of the crash scene, detailed contact information for everyone present and an individual narrative of what transpired are all valuable pieces to the puzzle. If law enforcement has responded, be cooperative but do not make an admission of any kind that may be indicative of liability. There is no need for a conversation with the other driver other than to exchange license and insurance information.

Auto accidents can be difficult to resolve, and insurance companies often seek quick settlements that do not fully compensate the victim for all the damages sustained. However, a personal injury lawyer can help protect the victim’s rights.

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