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Monthly Archives: February 2022


What To Do If You Are Hit By A Drunk Driver In Florida

By Musleh Law Firm |

Car accidents can be physically and financially catastrophic, even under relatively normal circumstances. No one is prepared to be unexpectedly injured, and few can absorb the immediate financial hardship that mounting medical bills and the temporary or permanent inability to work can cause. These devastating effects can be even harder to accept and contend… Read More »

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Nearly 100,000 Motorcyclists Were Injured Last Year. Were You One Of Them?

By Musleh Law Firm |

No one can argue the fact that Ocala is a beautiful place to ride a motorcycle. All of Florida lends itself well to motorcycle rides, with generous stretches of highway, gorgeous weather, and great views, but Ocala really offers something special. Unfortunately, the joy of riding a motorcycle does not come without a certain… Read More »

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