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How to protect eyesight at work

There are over 700,000 eye injuries that occur on the job each year. However, there are ways that workers in Florida and throughout the country can keep their eyesight intact. For instance, it is good to keep exposure to blue light to a minimum as it can help workers avoid digital eyestrain syndrome. This is a condition that is common among those who use a computer or similar device for several hours each day.

Those who use computers at work are encouraged to use an anti-glare screen or take frequent breaks. Ideally, a worker will look away from a computer at least once every 20 minutes. If individuals perform tasks such as chipping or hammering, it is a good idea for them to wear goggles or other types of face shields. Premium shields or visors should be used when handling chemicals or performing tasks with nail guns. Employers should make sure that employees are using equipment as directed at all times.

If possible, companies should seek to reduce or eliminate the use of hazardous chemicals within the workplace. Companies that need to use chemicals or other toxic substances should be sure to have proper ventilation. As a general rule, employees should be made aware of the risks of not protecting their eyes. Furthermore, they should be encouraged to have an eye exam once per year.

Those who are injured on the job may be entitled to compensation for medical bills and other expenses. Benefits may be available regardless of who was at fault for the accident. An attorney may be able to help ensure that a worker receives his or her benefits in a timely manner. This may happen by asking for updates from an employer or filing a lawsuit against the insurance company.

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