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Ocala Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Workers' Compensation > Floor markings in the workplace and their advantages

Floor markings in the workplace and their advantages

Employers in Florida may not have all the mandatory floor markings in their facility. Every job site comes with unique safety hazards, and floor markings can help in identifying these. Workers can then more easily see where the loading dock is or where there are ramps and beams.

Employers could go the extra mile to highlight electrical outlets, control panels and other equipment that is easily overlooked. To complement their emergency action plan, employers could point out emergency exits and doors with the markings. Floor tape is versatile and not just used for floors: It can be laid down on pipes, walls and work equipment as well.

Alongside safety concerns, floor marking is ideal for addressing concerns about bottlenecking and high traffic. One could create a safe path for workers and visitors using pre-cut markings that are shaped like footprints or dots. Every work area can be distinguished and its operation made clear with markings, minimizing any confusion that workers might feel.

Floor markings also serve as an extension of visual communication. Employers can place messages on the floor reminding workers about certain safety procedures, such as those regarding the wearing of personal protective equipment.

In the event that workers are injured on the job, they may file for workers’ compensation benefits and be covered for medical costs and some of the income they lost during their physical recovery. Unlike with a personal injury claim, they may receive benefits regardless of who, if anyone, was at fault. Employers might deny payment, though, saying that floor markings, safety procedures and so on were clear and that the employee is to blame for the injuries. This is why hiring a lawyer may be necessary.

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