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Ocala Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > General > Which days of the week are most dangerous for Florida travelers?

Which days of the week are most dangerous for Florida travelers?

When you get behind the wheel to drive to work, to the store or to take your kids to school, how much thought do you give to the day of the week in relation to your risk for collision? If you answered, “None at all,” you are likely not alone in your opinion. Most people don’t realize that many researchers believe there are certain times when it is more dangerous to drive than others, for various reasons.

Regardless what time of the day, week or year it is, if another driver hits you and you suffer injury, you’ll want to seek immediate medical attention. During your recovery, you may also want to learn more about how to file a personal injury claim, especially if the person who hit you was negligent, reckless or impaired in some way.

Friday is a particularly dangerous travel day

When Friday rolls around each week, do you get excited thinking about the weekend ahead? Many people have off work on the weekends, so they love to fit in some rest and relaxation, and some recreation with friends and family. Perhaps some motorists are a bit premature in their excitement, causing them to speed, become distracted in their thoughts while driving or otherwise act without proper caution and alertness because current data shows there is an increased risk for collision on Fridays.

NFL game season is also a dangerous time of year

If you’re stuck in traffic on a Tuesday during NFL season, it might be because people are too tired to travel because they stayed up late watching the previous night’s game. This day appears to see the most drowsy drivers on the road, and this may be the reason why. This makes Tuesday during NFL season a high-risk time for motor vehicle travel.

Behavior increases risk as much as timing

Regardless of what the time you travel, if a nearby driver is exhibiting high-risk behavior at the wheel, you risk for injury greatly increases. Such behavior includes staring blankly through a windshield without being properly focused on driving, making unsafe lane changes or driving while fatigued. Any of these issues can cause a serious collision.

Post-accident care and support

You may have no warning before a distracted or reckless driver slams into your vehicle. Sadly, such situations often result in fatalities. If you’re fortunate enough to survive your injuries, you may have to endure a long, arduous recovery process before your life returns to normal, if it ever does. Beyond medical care, it can be helpful to join a support group for trauma victims, as well as to speak to someone well versed in Florida personal injury law.

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