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Tools to keep workers safe from the heat

Warm weather can have an impact on workers who spend time both inside and outside. Therefore, employers in Florida and elsewhere need to create a plan to help keep those workers safe. There should also be a plan in case an employee develops heat stroke or is otherwise harmed by exposure to heat and humidity. The plan should be tailored to the type of work employees do and other needs that they may have.

Workers can take part in the Heat Illness Prevention Program to learn more about the dangers of prolonged exposure to hot temperatures. It only takes about 45 minutes to complete, and workers will know how to respond if they notice symptoms of heat stress or heat stroke. Employers can take a variety of administrative and engineering steps to keep workers cool. For instance, it may be possible to bring large fans to a job site or upgrade the air conditioning in an office or warehouse.

Administrative steps may include scheduling tasks to be completed during cooler parts of the day. It may also be necessary to schedule extra workers to ensure that no one overexerts him or herself during a shift. Employers should also give their workers time to get used to the hot weather. In some cases, it could take up to two weeks to fully adjust to summer temperatures.

If an individual is exposed to unsafe working conditions, that person may be at a higher risk of getting sick or injured. An attorney may help a person obtain workers’ compensation benefits related to a heat illness. These benefits are designed to help pay medical bills incurred because of the illness or help to recoup lost wages related to it. Benefits might be offered until an ill worker fully recovers.

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