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Parents: Beware of these defects in children’s products

Parents typically go to great lengths to ensure that the products they purchase for their children are safe. Many moms and dads put hours into researching ratings, cost and quality of everything from toys to food products.

Unfortunately, despite all of the research that parents do, kids and babies can still get sick or hurt by a product if it is defective. If you have children, then it can be helpful to know some of the most common types of defects in children’s products, as well as what types of products are often cited in recalls.

Common defects in children’s products

  • Failure to meet federal flammability standards
  • Tainted or mislabeled food products
  • Undisclosed choking hazards
  • Fall hazards as a result of tipping or separating
  • Overheating and burn hazards
  • Electrical shock hazards

Products often involved in recalls

  • Clothing, including sleepwear
  • Motorbikes and other motorized toys
  • Mobiles and other hanging objects
  • Heavy furniture
  • Chairs and rockers
  • Car seats
  • Cribs and playpens
  • Toys with small pieces
  • Monitors, sound machines and other products with electrical components

Any of these defects or defective products can cause serious injuries to babies and small children.

Websites like Safe Kids Worldwide and the Consumer Product Safety Commission maintain updated lists of defective children’s products and recalls, and it can be very helpful for parents to be aware of these resources.

However, while many unsafe children’s products are ultimately recalled, oftentimes this doesn’t happen until babies or children have already been hurt. So, while it is important for parents to stay updated on current recalls, understand that there are still accidents involving defective products that parents cannot prevent.

In these situations, parents should consider speaking with an attorney about their legal options for pursuing a product liability claim. These actions cannot undo the damage done by a dangerous or defective product, but they can help parents and their children cope with serious injuries and recover compensation for damages suffered.

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