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New legislation seeks to reduce underride crashes

When you combine their large size and the high speeds that they travel at, a collision with a large truck can leave drivers facing catastrophic injuries or death. Some of the most dangerous types of trucking accidents involve a car striking the side of the big rig.

A new bipartisan piece of legislation, sponsored by Florida Senator Marco Rubio, could require big rigs to increase the safety of their trucks and reduce the chances of a fatal underride accident.

The dangers of underride crashes

Automobiles have a number of safety features to help occupants survive a collision. Unfortunately, many of these features do not help when a car collides with the side of a big rig.

When these types of collisions occur, the car will often slide under the truck. This typically results in the top of the car being sheared off, thereby causing severe or fatal injuries for the passengers.

If enacted, the new legislation would mandate big rigs to install side guards. These side guards would make an underride crash significantly less likely occur. This bill may help reduce the casualties from truck-related accidents that occur each year.

Large trucks must adhere to safety regulations

The legislation requiring mandatory side guards has a ways to go before it becomes law. However, there are still safety regulations that are currently on the books that truck drivers and trucking companies must follow.

These regulations include:

  • Trucking companies must hire qualified drivers
  • Truck drivers must have an adequate amount of rest
  • Trucks have a maximum amount of weight that they can carry
  • Large trucks must be maintained mechanically and receive repairs on a regular basis

When a driver or a trucking company fails to follow these regulations, they may be liable for any trucking accidents that occur. If you or someone you love was involved in a truck accident, contacting a qualified attorney can help you determine whether negligence played a role in the collision.

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