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Ocala Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > Medical Malpractice > Medication errors threaten patient health

Medication errors threaten patient health

When Florida residents go to the hospital or visit a doctor, they expect to receive care that can improve their condition. However, medication errors can pose a serious threat to any patient’s health. Taking prescribed medication is the most common form of treatment for an array of conditions. In addition, multiple people, including doctors, pharmacists and nurses, may be involved in the process. This means that medication errors are also one of the more common types of medical mistakes. However, the consequences can be severe in some cases or even fatal.

A medication error can happen at any point in the process, from the time a particular pill is prescribed, to the dispensing of the medication, to the administration of a particular dosage. Throughout the process, it is important that patients are monitored and in touch with their health care provider. Thorough communication can be one of the best safeguards against these types of medical errors. In some cases, patients may experience side effects or adverse events related to their medications. However, almost 50% of drug side effects are considered preventable.

In some cases, communication between doctor and pharmacist can be the root of a medication error. The pharmacist may not read the prescription correctly, or the doctor may not have written it clearly. As a result, a patient may get the wrong drug or an incorrect dosage of the drug. Sometimes, these mistakes can relate to powerful drugs that can cause real harm.

Up to 10% of admissions to the hospital are related to medication problems. People who have suffered worsened health due to a doctor error can consult with a medical malpractice attorney about their options to seek compensation for their losses.

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