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Ocala Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > General > If you fell in a store, do you know who is to blame?

If you fell in a store, do you know who is to blame?

When you head out for groceries or to shop, you are likely not thinking about the various ways you could end up hurt. Visiting a store is not a dangerous activity, but there are certain hazards that could place you at risk of an injury. Slip-and-fall injuries are some of the most common personal injury incidents people experience while shopping.

If you suffered injuries in a store, do you know why it happened? You may think it was because of your own clumsiness or a mistake, but in reality, it is possible that you are a victim of circumstances beyond your control. After an accident in a store, you may have grounds to pursue financial compensation through a civil claim. The retail establishment or other parties may be liable for what happened to you.

What type of shopping-related injuries?

A storeowner or retail manager has the responsibility of warning shoppers of potential hazards that could cause them harm. Shopping-related injuries happen more frequently than you think, and if you are a victim, you are not alone. Some of the most common shopping accidents include the following:

  • Incidents with shopping carts — These types of accidents happen when shopping carts fall over onto a customer, causing injury.

  • Slip-and-fall accidents — Unmarked wet floors, tripping hazards and other things can cause a customer to fall and suffer serious harm.

  • Parking lot injuries — When a parking lot is poorly lit, slippery or has other hazards, it can lead to harm for customers.

  • Head injuries — Falling displays, low-hanging signs and other falling objects can cause head injuries and other types of injuries.

  • Overcrowding injuries – When a store allows too many people in, it can lead to things like trampling and injuries due to overcrowding.

If any of the above reasons cause you to suffer harm while shopping or in another public place, you could have valid grounds to pursue compensation for your pain and suffering.

The right way forward

It’s not always easy to know what to do to move forward after an accident. You may feel embarrassed by what happened or confused by what to do next. It can be immensely helpful to start by learning about the legal options available to you under Florida law.

A complete assessment of your case can allow you to fully understand what steps you need to take to get the full and fair recovery you deserve. If you suffered harm due to negligent maintenance or dangerous property conditions, you do not have to walk through the aftermath alone.

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