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Hurt in grocery store? You have options

When you go to the grocery store, you are probably not thinking about the various risks involved with that simple errand. You expect to come home with what you need to make dinner, and not necessarily an injury from an unexpected accident. In reality, however, people suffer injuries in grocery store accidents all the time.

If you got more than you planned for when you visited a Florida grocery store, you have options. It is possible that you are a victim of preventable hazards, and you could have a case. Like victims of other types of premise liability cases, victims of grocery store accidents may have grounds to move forward in pursuit of financial compensation through a civil claim.

Is your grocery store placing you at risk?

There are various types of injuries a person can suffer while shopping in a store. Slip-and-fall accident injuries are some of the most common types of premises liability cases from grocery store incidents, but there are other types of injuries that can leave shoppers in pain and dealing with costly medical bills, including:

  • Head and body injuries that can occur from falling products, falling or protruding displays and much more

  • Back and spine injuries that occur from a slip-and-fall accident or a trip-and-fall accident caused by slippery floors or other hazards

  • Injuries from overcrowding, such as physical damage caused by trampling shoppers

  • Shopping cart injuries can be quite painful and debilitating, caused by a cart tipping over

If your accident was the result of negligent maintenance, unmarked hazards, dangerous property conditions or other reasons beyond your control, you have rights. You do not have to suffer alone, but you can fight for a full and fair recovery.

You could have a claim against the grocery store or another liable party, but it is in your interests to act quickly.

Your fight to get better

You may feel embarrassed about the accident you had in a grocery store, and you may even think you share part of the blame. It is always smart to make the effort to learn about your legal options, even if you are unsure if you have a case.

It might be helpful to start by reaching out to an experienced personal injury attorney. A complete evaluation of your case can help you understand what options may be available to you as a victim of a grocery store accident.

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