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How much time does speeding save? Less than you think

Why do drivers speed on Florida’s highways? The likely reason that they would give is to save time. While drivers may acknowledge that speeding increases the risk of accident, the ability to get to their final destination in a more timely manner justifies those safety risks.

A study out of the University of Sydney illustrates that drivers are not saving nearly as much time as they think. Additionally, the cost of the minimal amount of time saved can lead to a significant increase in the number of car accidents.

Speeding saves relatively little time

When conducting their study, researchers collected GPS data from about 100 drivers over five weeks. They found that drivers who speed on 100km/hour highways (approximately equivalent to 60 mph highways here in Florida) saved, on average, 26 seconds a day or about two minutes a week by speeding.

By stretching this data over the course of a year, the researchers estimate that speeding saves the average driver only two hours.

The second half of the study involved an analysis by researchers to determine the cost of speeding. They determined, through crash data provided by a government agency, that one injury occurs for every 2458 hours saved on the road. Additionally, one fatality occurs for every 24,450 hours saved on the road.

Additional safe driving tips

The big takeaway from this study is that drivers can have a noticeable impact on the rate of accidents on Florida’s highways by refraining from speeding. By taking things more slowly, drivers can help keep themselves and their fellow drivers safer while adding a relatively small amount of time to their commute.

Additional safe driving tips that can help reduce the risk of accidents include:

  • Keeping a safe distance from other vehicles
  • Signaling all lane changes and turns
  • Maintaining focus on the highway
  • Avoiding distracted driving habits

No matter how many safe driving tips you practice, there is always the risk of experiencing an auto collision. If you do find yourself in a car accident, speaking to an attorney can help you work toward recovering adequate compensation for your injuries.

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