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Ocala Personal Injury Lawyer > Blog > General > Did a lack of security contribute to your traumatic brain injury?

Did a lack of security contribute to your traumatic brain injury?

When you are in any public place, people you don’t know surround you. Even if you are diligent and have a knack for reading people, you can’t always predict what someone’s intentions are toward you. You do what you can to avoid attracting unwanted attention, but it isn’t always enough.

You should have the luxury of knowing that the establishments you frequent keep your safety and security in mind. Security cameras tend to help deter criminal activity that could cause you harm, but if a public place you frequent does not take advantage of this safety measure, you could end up injured.

What do security cameras do for you and the business?

Security cameras provide a variety of advantages for you and the establishment:

  • You may feel safer knowing that someone is watching out for signs of trouble. Moreover, people tend not to engage in bad acts if they know someone is watching them.

  • Assaults, muggings, shoplifting and other illegal activities tend to drop when the security is better. Cameras are part of the deterrent process for the reason mentioned above.

  • When security personnel watching the cameras identify potential trouble, they can deal with it swiftly.

  • The footage from security cameras provides credible evidence for law enforcement and prosecutors. It could also assist you with a personal injury claim.

  • Evidence from video surveillance could erase any doubt regarding the extent of your injuries and the person who caused them. For instance, an insurance company could not deny its responsibility to the insured if the incident is caught on tape.

Security cameras are not the only safety measures businesses and other public places could employ in order to help ensure your safety, but they are a good start.

What happens when security or the lack thereof fails you?

When your expectations of safety fail to measure up and you suffer injuries as a result, you may be able to pursue compensation from the establishment where you were when the incident occurred. Whether you hit your head, or something or someone struck your head, you could suffer a traumatic brain injury. You may not realize the extent of your injury for days or even weeks afterward, so it’s crucial that you seek out medical attention right away.

Moreover, it’s difficult to ascertain the long-term effects of a TBI. Even with all that researchers and the medical industry understand about the human brain, it’s not always clear what the outcome of such an injury will be. You could face lifelong repercussions of such an injury, so obtaining experienced advice and assistance with your claim could help ensure that you receive all the compensation you deserve.

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