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Premises liability coverage for airport owners

There are various types of liability insurance: general, public, premises, and owner, landlord and tenant liability. Whatever they go with, airport owners and operators in Florida, not to mention those who lease portions of an airport out, must make sure they carry this coverage. The differences are slight, and the additional coverage may not cost much, assuming one does not take out a separate policy, but a given agreement may come with a number of confusing terms.

Woman sues Wayne Newton over alleged pet monkey attack

Residents of Florida may be interested to learn that a woman has filed a premises liability suit against Wayne Newton for $15,000 in damages. During a tour of the Las Vegas entertainer's former estate back in October 2017, a woman was allegedly bitten by a monkey that he kept as a pet. On August 7, that woman's mother filed a lawsuit with the Nevada State Court accusing Newton of negligence.

Woman's death on subway stairs highlights inaccessibility issue

Florida parents who have struggled on stairways with strollers may have heard about a mother who died after falling down the stairs in a New York City subway station. She was attempting to take her stroller down the stairs in a station without an elevator. The child was found conscious.

Prevent pool injuries with these strategies

There are millions of swimming pools and hot tubs around the country, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. While they can increase a home's value and provide the setting for summer fun, Florida residents must take steps to keep people safe in their vicinity. Ideally, pool or hot tub owners will install a fence that is at least 4 feet high. The fence should have a latch, and items that could be used to climb over it should be kept in other locations.

Slip and fall claims: background for business owners

Small business owners in Florida, as in every other state, have a "duty of care" to everyone who enters their property, including customers and employees. To maintain a safe environment for entrants, owners must conduct routine inspections, make repairs where necessary and give sufficient warning against hazards if they cannot be repaired.

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