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"Never events" can devastate patient health

"Never event" is a term that is used to describe medical errors so shocking that they should never occur to Florida patients. It was originally coined to describe events like surgery on the wrong location, but has since been expanded to involve harmful medical events that are unambiguous, serious and typically preventable. In most cases, these are clearly identifiable mistakes that result in serious disabilities or even death. There are 29 different types of never events officially classified in seven categories.

How doctors can reduce the risk for medication errors

Doctors in Florida, especially those who frequently prescribe painkillers and antibiotics, should know that medication errors are a common hazard. According to FDA estimates, 1.3 million people in the U.S. are injured every year as a result of medication errors. These mistakes can arise in the prescription, dispensing or administration stage, or they can be errors in the administration records.

Surgeons under stress make more mistakes

Even brief periods of stress over trivial matters can have an effect on a Florida surgeon's performance in the operating room. The findings of a new Columbia University study show the negative effects that stress can have on doctors during surgery. Researchers found that when surgeons are under stress, they are much more likely to make mistakes.

Parkinson's disease is often misdiagnosed

When people in Florida notice that they have a tremor in their hands or that their gait has become unsteady, they may worry that they have Parkinson's disease. This is a progressive, chronic neurological disorder, and its symptoms are highly recognizable. However, there are an array of other disorders with symptoms that are similar to those of Parkinson's, and in order for patients to receive proper treatment that can minimize their symptoms, an accurate diagnosis is necessary.

Malpractice insurance rates for doctors remain flat

Medical malpractice insurance rates for doctors in Florida and across the country have remained flat for nearly a decade. They continue to remain at that same flat level, despite the fact that the insurance sector has experienced losses for two years. Despite the fact that malpractice insurance rates have remained flat, patients continue to experience surgical errors, medical mistakes and other serious problems as a result of doctor or hospital negligence. There are a number of reasons why the insurance industry has not raised its rates despite significant payouts.

Doctor burnout can harm patients

A study of more than 6,700 physicians around the country found that more than half of them are burned out. This can have a negative impact on Florida patients. About 10 percent of those who took part in the survey said that they had committed a major error in the three months before it was conducted. Researchers found that those who were burned out were twice as likely to make a serious error.

Coverys reveals trends in radiology-related malpractice

Florida residents who will be undergoing X-rays or other radiological procedures will want to know about the findings of a study by Coverys, the medical liability insurance provider. Researchers studied more than 10,000 closed claims alleging radiology-related malpractice. These claims spanned the years 2013 to 2017 and mostly involved missed, delayed or incorrect diagnoses.

Human error during surgery

Many different types of errors can occur during a surgical procedure. Florida residents who need to have surgery can take steps to give themselves the best chances of not being a victim of human errors during a procedure. If an error does take place during their surgery, it is important that they know what steps to take to protect their interests and rights.

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