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Workplace fatalities rose by 2% in 2018

Work-related fatalities in Florida and around the country rose by 2% to 5,250 in 2018 according to figures released by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics on Dec. 17. Transportation incidents such as motor vehicle accidents were the leading cause of workplace fatalities, but the BLS figures also reveal an alarming increase in overdose deaths and suicides. Worker fatalities caused by alcohol consumption or drug overdoses rose for the sixth consecutive year and accounted for 12% of all 2018 workplace deaths, and work-related suicides rose by a worrying 11%.

Warehouse workers face dangers on the job

An increasing number of Florida workers have turned to warehouse jobs either for full-time employment or for supplemental income. With the rapid rise of the e-commerce industry, warehouses and fulfillment centers have outstripped traditional brick-and-mortar retail in many areas. Just one company, Amazon, has over 150 million square feet of warehouse space around the world. While online sales take place digitally, the fulfillment of all of these millions of orders is handled by workers in local warehouses who package and ship the goods for delivery.

Investigation finds Amazon violating workplace safety rules

The Atlantic and Reveal from the Center for Investigative Reporting have published a joint report on an investigation made into the safety conditions of Amazon warehouses across the United States. Amazon workers in Florida, as elsewhere, may be aware already that warehouse work is considered dangerous. The long hours and fast pace can lead to musculoskeletal injuries and incidents arising from fatigue.

How overall workplace quality determines worker health and safety

There are a number of factors that influence workers' health and safety in Florida and across the U.S., including scheduling, pay and the type of contract. Many studies have taken these factors individually, but none has analyzed them all together. A study from the University of Washington, though, has striven to correct the simplistic view of worker health that has come about.

Miners, oil and gas extraction workers at risk for hearing loss

Florida residents who work in the gas and oil extraction and mining industries are at risk for hearing loss, according to the American Journal of Industrial Medicine's new study. In fact, around 61% of all workers in those industries have experienced dangerous levels of on-the-job noise.

Floor markings in the workplace and their advantages

Employers in Florida may not have all the mandatory floor markings in their facility. Every job site comes with unique safety hazards, and floor markings can help in identifying these. Workers can then more easily see where the loading dock is or where there are ramps and beams.

Protecting workers against pinch points

Employers in Florida, especially those in agriculture, construction, longshoring and general industry, should know what pinch points are and how to protect workers against them. Pinch points, or nip points, are areas between two moving machine parts, between a stationary part and moving part or between a machine part and some material that can catch a worker or part of the worker's body.

OSHA offers no-cost safety program to small businesses

Electrical industry employers in Florida may be interested in the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration's (OSHA) new initiative to increase safety. The initiative comes after several investigations into deaths and injuries in the electrical industry. The department is encouraging employers to decrease workplace hazards in order to reduce safety issues.

Tools to keep workers safe from the heat

Warm weather can have an impact on workers who spend time both inside and outside. Therefore, employers in Florida and elsewhere need to create a plan to help keep those workers safe. There should also be a plan in case an employee develops heat stroke or is otherwise harmed by exposure to heat and humidity. The plan should be tailored to the type of work employees do and other needs that they may have.

Guarding machines can prevent accidents

Plant workers in Florida and throughout the country can face many dangers from portable tools, shears and other equipment. For instance, they could get their hands or clothes caught in moving parts, which could result in losing fingers or experiencing other injuries. They could also be hurt by sparks, nip points or other hazards associated with using a machine. Therefore, employers are required by OSHA to use at least one machine guard.

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