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May 2019 Archives

Correct medication lists could reduce error risk

For patients in Florida, medication errors are among the most common yet dangerous medical mistakes committed by health care professionals. Incorrect prescriptions can lead to severe side effects or interactions with other medications, causing severe injuries or permanent harm. In some cases, these errors are at least partially caused by a lack of adequate information about a particular patient's medication history or current list of medicines. One group of researchers is advocating for more extensive training for technicians and assistants who work with doctors to gather patients' medical information.

Guarding machines can prevent accidents

Plant workers in Florida and throughout the country can face many dangers from portable tools, shears and other equipment. For instance, they could get their hands or clothes caught in moving parts, which could result in losing fingers or experiencing other injuries. They could also be hurt by sparks, nip points or other hazards associated with using a machine. Therefore, employers are required by OSHA to use at least one machine guard.

Your safety at work: do you know your rights?

Do you know what hidden threats could be compromising your safety in the workplace? Are you aware of the various things that could cause you harm at any point in the workplace? No matter what type of job you have, it is possible you could suffer injury or become ill due to something related to your employment. This is why workplace safety is critical. 

If you fell in a store, do you know who is to blame?

When you head out for groceries or to shop, you are likely not thinking about the various ways you could end up hurt. Visiting a store is not a dangerous activity, but there are certain hazards that could place you at risk of an injury. Slip-and-fall injuries are some of the most common personal injury incidents people experience while shopping.

Operation Safe Driver Week focuses on speeding

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance will be holding its Operation Safe Driver Week from July 14 to 20. This will impact both motor vehicle and commercial vehicle drivers in Florida and across the U.S. This annual event is a period of increased enforcement of traffic laws. Police will be stopping any drivers engaging in unsafe behavior and will give out either warnings or citations.

Half of anxiety patients misdiagnosed as schizophrenic

Researchers at Johns Hopkins University have found that many schizophrenia patients are being misdiagnosed by non-specialty physicians; in reality, many of these patients suffer from anxiety. This should be of interest to some in Florida, especially those who suffer from anxiety because the two conditions share similar symptoms like auditory hallucinations.

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