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December 2018 Archives

Contract workers face electrocution risks in construction

Florida construction workers may be worried about their safety on the job, especially if they work as contractors rather than employees of the construction firm leading the project. This is particularly true for workers dealing with electricity. One study by the National Fire Protection Association found that 13 percent of all deaths by electrocution were suffered by contract workers. Contract workers are employed by another firm but brought in to participate in a project as subcontractors, or they operate as self-employed independent contractors. Contract workers have always been a part of the construction industry, but their employment in this area has become more common in recent years.

Handling angry, aggressive and bullying drivers

Whether on highways or in parking lots, aggressive and impatient drivers are not hard to come by. Road rage is a serious issue, but by following a few tips, any driver in Florida can help defuse that anger. It all starts with one's self: stay calm when offended by another driver, and do not honk the horn, flash the high beams or make inflammatory gestures. In fact, there should be no eye contact.

A basic understanding of workers' compensation benefits

Workers who suffer injuries in a workplace accident may know they have the right to seek certain types of financial support through a workers' compensation claim. It is in the interests of every Florida employee to know his or her rights and how to proceed in the event of an accident or occupational illness. Knowing how the workers' compensation claims process works and what to expect is prudent, no matter your job description.

Traffic safety a concern in all countries

The UN has a stated goal of halving global road traffic deaths between 2016 and 2020. While the rate of traffic deaths has decreased, it is unlikely that this goal will be met. However, there are several steps that countries around the world can take to make roads safer. According to a World Health Organization (WHO) report, there were 1.35 million traffic deaths in Florida and throughout the world in 2016.

AAA warns of dangers of old headlights

Florida drivers may not think about headlights needing regular inspection and maintenance, but the American Automobile Association says otherwise. Its research shows that old headlights only produce a little more than 20 percent of the light that fully working beams provide. In a press release, AAA recommended using original manufacturer parts as replacements. While aftermarket parts worked at a capacity of 83 to 90 percent, they were less intense overall and also tended to create a glare for other drivers.

Prioritizing retail worker safety during the holidays

In Florida and across the United States, the holiday shopping season puts many pressures on retail workers. At a time when the unemployment rate is at historic low levels, many retail employers respond to the increased business activity by offering workers overtime pay and bonuses in exchange for longer hours and increased productivity, two factors that result in greater stress.

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