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How drivers can stay safe during the rainy season

The rainy season in Florida typically lasts several months each year. Rain, thunderstorms and hail can all pose safety risks to drivers. One of the biggest dangers of driving in rainy weather is hydroplaning.

Hydroplaning is a condition that occurs if more water is on the roadway than the tires are equipped to handle. When the water pressure on the front of the tires is too great, a thin layer of water forms under the wheels in between the tires and the road. When too much water builds up, it causes the tires to lose traction and float, making the car or truck slide uncontrollably on the road. Many people falsely believe that a large amount of water is necessary in order for a vehicle to hydroplane. However, a small amount of rainfall can sometimes be more dangerous. This is due to the slippery oil residue that may be on the surface of the road. A larger amount of water on the roadway causes this residue to wash away, lowering the chances of hydroplaning.

When operating a vehicle in rainy weather, it's important to drive slowly and avoid puddles as much as possible. If a vehicle does begin to hydroplane, avoid using the brakes, which can cause the car to slide more uncontrollably. Try to turn into the slide, which means to steer the vehicle in the direction of the back wheels. Continue to turn into the slide until the vehicle has repositioned itself. After regaining control, it's a good idea to pull over in order to assess any vehicle damage that may have occurred.

Studies show that approximately 22 percent of car accidents are due to weather conditions. Negligent drivers who are speeding or not operating safely during rain or snow often cause accidents that result in serious injuries. The driver may be responsible for damages to others affected in the car accident. In such a case, a lawyer may be able to help an injured victim obtain compensation.

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