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Pedestrians: Know the risks of the road and take precautions

It isn't easy to be a pedestrian in a world built for motor vehicles.

Even in places where pedestrians are given a little formalized space on the road, pedestrians run the risk that drivers are distracted, tired, rushing the light or just won't see them due to sun glare, changing light or some other reason.

And those are just a few of the problems pedestrians face. Consider the following statistics about pedestrians in order to better understand the risks they face:

  • Within the next day, 430 pedestrians will land in emergency rooms around the nation due to traffic accidents.
  • About 12 of those people will die, despite emergency treatment.
  • Almost 5,000 pedestrians died in car-related accidents in 2013 alone, but more than 150,000 were treated at hospitals for other injuries.

Is there anything you can do, as a pedestrian, to lower your risk of being in an accident?

  • Don't walk alone -- especially if you're small or a minor. Children make up 20 percent of pedestrian fatalities -- probably because they're small and harder for drivers to see. Travelling in a group offers several safety benefits, so encourage your kids to find walking buddies.
  • Don't walk home if you've been drinking. That increases your chance of being injured or killed dramatically. Call a friend, a cab or Uber instead.
  • Stay off your phone and keep at least one ear free from headphones so you can listen for traffic. This is especially important for rural routes where drivers may not be expecting to see you at all.
  • Wear reflective clothing if you know you'll be out after dark. Keep a flashlight handy in case you get stuck walking after dark when you don't expect it. Aim it downward, toward your feet, so that drivers can see you but aren't blinded by the light.

An experienced attorney can help if you are a pedestrian who was injured by a motor vehicle due to the driver's negligence. Our firm has attorneys with experience handling car accident claims and may be able to help you recover what you deserve.

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