What Do You Tell The Claims Adjuster?

When you are injured in an accident, your insurance company will want to talk with you. The other driver's insurance company will probably call you too. Both insurers are seeking information they can use to limit their liability. You should feel some anxiety about these calls, because if you say the wrong thing, it could be used against you to dismiss or diminish your claim.

At Musleh Law Firm, we have a simple message for our clients: The best thing to do is to say nothing to an insurance company. Instead, put your personal injury case in our hands. Let us handle all communications with insurance companies, including your own.

Talk With Us, Not Your Insurance Company

Anything you say to an insurance company has consequences and could negatively affect your claim.

You have the right to talk with an attorney before contacting an insurance adjuster. After an accident, call us immediately at 352-484-0134 for assistance in opening your claim. Your initial consultation with us is free.

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