A Catalog Of Car Crash Types

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Types Of Motor Vehicle Accidents

To help our clients better understand motor vehicle accidents, we present the following information. There are more than ten kinds of crash situations. But the vast majority of cases fall under one of these categories:

1. Intersection crash — More accidents happen in intersections than any other place. Usually the cause is one driver not paying attention, driving too fast or trying to turn instead of waiting. Drivers are obliged to size up the situation. Is it a traffic light intersection? A two-way or four-way stop? Is the right of way being honored? We have the knowledge and experience needed to hold the at-fault party responsible.

2. Rear-end crash — This type of accident usually occurs when the rear driver behind misjudges the speed of the vehicle ahead or is distracted. A rear-end crash can also happen on a fog-shrouded road or in a construction zone when dust obscures the roadway ahead. Whatever the cause, this type of accident can result in injuries to the back and neck, whiplash and other injuries. The attorneys at Musleh Law Firm have extensive experience handling cases involving back and neck injuries. We will work diligently to help you obtain the medical care and compensation you need.

3. T-bone or side-impact crash — These accidents typically occur at intersections, or where driver pull out of parking lots. Often, because of the weight and speed of the vehicles, these collisions can be very dangerous. Use of cellphones is often the cause.

4. Head-on collision — These are usually the most violent accidents, frequently resulting in catastrophic injury, serious burns or death. Many happen late at night, with alcohol as a factor.

5. Rollover — Vehicles with narrow wheel bases and a high center or gravity can rollover due to an impact or when there is a significant drop off on the road shoulder. In the first instance, the injured person may have a cause of action against the vehicle manufacturer. In the second, you may be able to file a defective road design suit against the state or municipality.

6. Sideswipe — Despite minimal impact, the effect of these types of collisions can be significant. Often, a sideswipe can change the direction of a vehicle, causing it to run off the road or into the path of another vehicle. We have handled numerous cases in which our clients were driven off the orad by a careless tractor trailer driver or passenger vehicle driver.

7. Single car crash — When they aren't the result of excessive speed or alcohol use, these accidents are usually by objects getting in the way of a vehicle — fallen cargo, tree branches, deep potholes, standing water, poorly placed signs and defective car parts.

8. Hit-and-run — Along with drunk driving accidents, the hit-and-run is the most frustrating type of accident. Sometimes the culprit is located and you learn that he or she is uninsured, or underage, has a prior DUI conviction, or was just plain terrified. Even when the other driver cannot be located, you have the option of seeking compensation through the uninsured motorist (UM) coverage in your auto policy.

9. Phantom car accidents — The phantom accident is like a hit-and-run, except the driver is unaware of the accident he or she just caused. The driver may cut in front of you, forcing you off the road and into a ditch, or worse. You have the same recourse for compensation as people injured in hit-and-runs, through your own insurance policy. But you may find that your insurance company is slow to pay up — that's when it's time to talk to Musleh Law Firm.

10. Off-road crash — These are accidents that occur in parking lots, ramps and private areas, where drivers are often confused about right of way and other factors. Many times these cases are like slips-and-falls, in which the property owner failed in his or her duty to maintain safe roadways.

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