Insurance Coverage Dispute Lawyers In Ocala

The insurance process should be relatively simple. You have paid premiums for years, so you expect to receive the benefits you are entitled to when you make your claim. Unfortunately, many insurance companies are willing to put up a big fight to avoid making payments on valid claims, leading to the need for lawsuits.

Dealing With A Denied or Rejected Claim?

If you are involved in a dispute with an insurance company, the experienced trial lawyers at Musleh Law Firm, can help you assert your rights. We help average Floridians fight back against irresponsible insurance companies.

It is our objective to provide each and every client with the personal service and honest legal advice they deserve. To discuss your legal options with an attorney, call 352-484-0134.

Life, Homeowners And Commercial Insurance Coverage Disputes

Musleh Law Firm obtained a $335,000 settlement on behalf of clients in a claim against their Homeowner's insurance for property damage to their residence.

We represent consumers who are fighting insurance companies that have attempted to deny their claims or slow payments. Whether the insurance company is denying your life insurance policy claim by arguing that you have a pre-existing condition or only offering to pay half the value of your homeowners or commercial claim, our job is to fight for every cent they owe you.

Contact Us Before Making A Recorded Statement

The insurance company has the right to conduct an examination of your case, putting you under oath for recorded statements. We encourage you to contact us before this occurs. We will make sure you understand your rights and responsibilities before making any statements.

If you win your case, you may even be eligible to have a portion of your legal fees paid for by the insurance company. To learn more, contact us today for your free consultation.